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Yep, that's me! On the summer of 2012 in August on some sand mountain that had tons and tons of annoying thorns that got stuck on your foot.

My screen name is Dommy Nicholas- Saso. I won't tell you my real name so just call me Dommy for the time being.
My website lives up to it's name: Daily Dose of Everything. Now the Daily Dose of Everything is pretty much a daily dose of well, you know it, everything! Whether it's fashion emergencies or college dorm problems or how to survive in the world of loneliness when it comes to finding an apartment!​​​​
Well, that's all I've got to say for now! Watch out for videos, tutorials, and some pictures in the near future guys! 

Oh, and if you want to follow me click the "Contact" page and voila!

Bye guys!​​​​